My Olympus Trip Blog My Olympus Trip Blog
Trip Man Olympus Trip 35 Specialists. An excellent site with cameras and accessories for sale

Olympus Trip Manual

Downloadable PDF file
How to modify your Trip to have two manual shutter speeds A Blog with links to other information about stripping down and modifying your Trip.
Olympus Trip 35 Cult A blog with links to other interesting Olympus Trip related sites.

My personal website

Digital photography in general and the Sony Mavica in particular. Unfinished site, but could be of use to Sony Mavica users. (A new model when this site was created but as historic as the Trip now - and a lot more obscure!)

My Home Town
My web design and hosting company

Two excellent travel websites in French showing the capabilities of the Olympus Trip 35

An excellent Blog by a young professional photographer who is dedicated to using 35mm Olympus Cameras - The OM-1n and Trip 35
(Olympus Trip 35 Section)
Excellent detailed information and photographs from Peter Vis about using and servicing the Olympus Trip 35

Complete User's Guide to Olympus Modern Classics - Harold Franklin
A good book on Olympus cameras at It doesn't cover the Trip though, unfortunately.


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